Shaping the essence since 1961

The redesign of the Savema brand identity focuses on the essence of the brand: matter, surface and design.


Cleanliness and linearity become the main theme of research on the brand which translates into a logo focused to contemporary needs that delivers coherent impressions of the brand in two ways.

First, the font, elegant and basic at the same time creates a simple, robust layout system.

Second, the four minimal shapes that subtly refer to the phases of definition and construction of the space and architectural renewal. That represents the core of the company values: research and inspiration. In that way the brand addresses itself directly to the world of architecture and design, inspiring compositional and expressive solutions.

The rebranding project for Savema involved a series of packaging for the presentation of company’s samples. For this box, containing a sample of marbles from the Organic Texture collection, we have designed a functional and resistant packaging with minimal and impactful graphics that best represent the design and identity of the brand.


The quality of the project using high-quality paper material from the Fedrigoni brand allowed us to be selected for a prestigious competition, for which we are finalists: the Fedrigoni Top Awards!

For Savema website project we took the time to study the company roots in order to design their future. Inspiration came out directly from what they do: they are creative, they are courious, they are innovative.


And now all of this is online here