Go with the flow

Magazzino77 is a collective born in Lucca at the end of the Nineties: a creative workshop originally dedicated to painting, photography and sculpture.
Ever since its birth, it has been in constant contact with the world of art, photography and communication.
In 2008 Magazzino77 transformed into a Graphic Design and Communication studio,
an artistic space for professionals working in a number of disciplines including: graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, programmers, video-makers and photographers.

The project

Magazzino77 observes, analyzes and re-elaborates.
Each solution is never taken for granted, every challenge is accepted and is a source of inspiration. This is the studio’s philosophy.
Communication, web design, photography, video-making, graphic and Interior design- all constitute areas where the studio’s brings its innovation to bear.
Magazzino77 loves to merge tradition and contemporary, the past and future, and brands each project with its own unique style: Magazzino77 loves to reinterpret history to create innovation.

The studio

Magazzino77’s office was previously a butcher’s shop. The space was redesigned in order to adapt and transform its function MAINTAINING THE ORIGINAL ARCHITECTURE. Now it has become a laboratory specializing in ideas and visions. The style of Magazzino77’s all-in-house productions is profoundly linked to the location’s original use. What was once a place for selling to the public is now our laboratory: the place where we build and realize our ideas.




Corporate Communication
Fedrigoni Top Award

Client: SAVEMA spa
Year: 2022


Best Corporate Book in the World

Client: Gaggenau
Year: 2019

Gourmand Special Award

Client: Cirelli
Year: 2019

Best Food Magazine in the World

Client: Cook_inc.
Year: 2018

Best Art & Photography Catalogue Exhibition

Client: Photolux
Year: 2013