Marchese Antinori

Tenuta Montenisa

Tenuta Montenisa Marchese Antonori, a brand with a long history is the main character of this story: a campaign that talk about the journey of senses.
We have imagine together some animated videos about the soul of their products: all the emotion that come from a bottle. The power of imagination and the beauty of nature are the setting for this tale.

The challenge was to make visible something invisible, to create a new world that would tell the story of the brand and its unique cuvées, a marvel for the eyes, an explosion of sensations that would convey the same wonder that we felt when we taste the wine.

Tenuta Montenisa is the join between an ancient winemaking tradition and the vocation of a unique territory: Franciacorta. A sip is enough to project yourself towards extraordinary landscapes. A sensory experience made of colours, scents and flavors that can transport us to distant worlds.