Spazio Salvetti

We were fortunate to meet the artist, Andrea Salvetti during his life, that we were inspired to participate in the renewal of his studio.

Thanks to Patrizia, his wife, we have founded a society called “Spazio Salvetti” which focuses on cultural events, literary and musical presentations, photo shoots, filming, promotional videos and tutorials, cooking classes, corporate events and more.


We created a visual identity starting with the logo which was inspired by the industrial space ( in particular, the antique incinerator ) and then developed a website and visuals for the various events that have taken place in the space. The language and style of the promotional materials are linked to the world of art and other creative endeavours such as music and contemporary cuisine. It follows a path laid by Andrea’s ideas, which were always original and provocative- a source of inspiration for our graphical interpretations of what has happened and will take place in this vibrant space.